Japan to Host ‘Georgia – Homeland of Wine’ Exhibition

Japan to Host ‘Georgia – Homeland of Wine’ Exhibition

Georgia is preparing to present its wines to a wide audience within the scope of the project ‘Georgia – Homeland of Wine’, which will be implemented from March 10 to May 7 at the exhibition center “Terrada Warehouse” in Tokyo, Japan.

Even though with 8000 years of wine-making history, Georgia has already gained recognition worldwide and has been named as the ‘cradle’ of wine, such initiatives will contribute to the promotion of the Georgian wines to particular nations, Japanese in this case.

Wine enthusiasts and other guests at the exhibition will have an opportunity to discover the history of Georgian viniculture and ancient wine-making methods. “This exhibition presents the history and the culture of the world’s oldest Georgian wine, sometimes referred to as the ‘Tears of Cleopatra’,” – reads the preview of the organizers.

A special website georgia-homelandofwine.com has been launched especially for the event, which will serve as a particular guide to the potential visitors of the exhibition and provide all useful information regarding Georgian winemaking history and the details of the event. The website is bilingual: Japanese and English.

Aside from obtaining prominence, the given project will is to have fruitful outcomes in respect of boosting the Georgian wine enterprises and helping them augment their sales, locally, as well as abroad. ‘Georgia-Homeland of Wine’ may also help the development of tourism in Georgia by raising the interest of foreigners in Georgia.

Georgian wine has won a number of international awards, including the Diamond Trophy at ‘Foodex Japan 2019’.


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