International Qvevri Wine Symposium within the ღVino Forum 2019

International Qvevri Wine Symposium within the ღVino Forum 2019

Announcing the Second ღVino Forum: Bringing Together Science and the Business of Wine From Sunday, October 27th to Tuesday, October 29th, Boston will host the second ღvino Forum —a series of events created to advance the understanding and awareness of the 8,000-year-old wine culture of the country of Georgia, as well as examine its influence on society and the economic development of Georgia, the Caucasus, and the rest of the world. “Ghvino,” “ღvino,” or “ღვინო” is the Georgian word for “wine,” and is widely thought to be the origin of the term. These events, organized by the America Georgia Business Council, include a Qvevri and Saperavi “Festival” at the Legal Sea Food Park Square in Boston; a one-day conference at the Harvard Faculty Club; and a trade seminar and tasting at City Winery in Boston. The Forum is a response to the growing interest of American consumers in both the history and modern development of wine culture. The origin, archeology, genetics, botany, varietal diversity, qvevri winemaking, economics, and the business of wine will be discussed by scientists and practitioners including Dr. Patrick McGovern; MW Lisa Granik; Ambassador David Bakradze; Chairman of the Georgian National Wine Agency Levan Mekhuzl; Winemaker Gogi Dakishvili; and others. Special attention will be paid to how the ancient tradition of using Georgian “qvevri”—giant, hand-made clay vessels buried in the earth to make wine—was used through the ages and continues to flourish today, connecting the past with the present.

“Georgia is not only the birthplace of wine with 8,000 years of uninterrupted winemaking tradition, it is also a place with exceptional varietal distinctiveness which is now united with the elegance of modern-day winemaking, contributing to the economic growth in Georgia,” says Dr. Mamuka Tsereteli, President, America Georgia Business Council and scholar of geopolitics of the Black Sea-Caspian region.

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