International Qvevri Wine Competition 2020

International Qvevri Wine Competition 2020

The International Qvevri Wine Competition was held for the fourth time. The aim of the competition is to present the best qvevri wines, to promote the production and sale of qvevri wines. George Dakishvili, the Honored Winemaker of Georgia, was the chairman of the jury of the competition. The winning wines will be sent to online tastings in various European countries, which is especially important in the light of the pandemic difficulties in the wine industry.

“This year, 460 wine samples were presented at the competition, which is 3 times more than the number of wines submitted at the first competition. This indicates the great interest of the winemakers in the competition. The jury consisted of international Georgian wine experts. They agree that the quality of qvevri wine is improving every year. It is welcome that qvevri wine was presented at the competition from almost all regions of Georgia, “- said the chairman of the National Wine Agency of Georgia, a member of the competition jury, Levan Mekhuzla. The winning wines will be announced by the end of July.

“The interest in the competition is very great, especially from small wineries. Many of them presented their first product at the competition. This is a very good incentive for them to further develop. The competition gives us an opportunity to assess the current situation regarding the quality of wine produced in qvevri”- said the Executive Director of the Georgian Wine Association Tina Kezeli.

The competition was organized by the Georgian Wine Association with the support of the National Wine Agency.

The International Qvevri wine competition was held in Tsinandali, on the territory of Alexander Chavchavadze House-Museum complex. Tsinandali Park is home to one of the first wineries in Georgia, built in 1835, where Georgian wine was bottled for the first time.