Schuchmann Wines Georgia

Schuchmann Wines Georgia

The Schuchmann Wines Georgia is a German-based enterprise founded in 2008 by the German businessman and wine enthusiast, Burkhard Schuchmann.

The Company produces two types of wines – traditional Georgian and European style wines. The vineyards are located in Napareuli, Kisiskhevi and Shilda villages.

“Schuchmann Wines Georgia” is mainly a wine producing company, but it is also actively involved in the agriculture and tourism sectors.

The Schuchmann Wines Chateau&Spa initiated offering increasingly sophisticated services to tourists in Georgia. Château maintains its reputation for the best venue for tasting premium quality wines.  It has become an important tourist destination for sampling Georgian wines and cuisine. Recently Schuchmann Chateau added a new, unique service, a Wine Spa to its other attractions.

In 2015, Schuchmann Travel was established and later was named as the leading entrepreneur in business awards. Schuchmann Wines Georgia also owns a wine bar, located in old Tbilisi, in the historical part of Karvasla.