The PDO is situated along the middle reaches of the Alazani river, surrounded by the north-eastern flanks of the Tsiv Gombori mountain range and the slopes of Mukuzani’s vineyards at an altitude of around 550 metres above sea level; the appellation comprises the villages of Vazisubani, Kalauri, Shashiani and Vatchnadziani.

The PDO’s climate is typical fo the region: moderately humid, with hot summers and mild winters. Annual sunshine duration is around 2180-2200 hours. The average annual air temperature is 11.9°C, with an average annual precipitation of 884 mm. Winds largely tend to blow from either the west (32%) or the south-west (23%).

Soil: Carbonated humus; clay; gravelly

Grape varieties: Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane Kakhuri

Vazisubani wines have been produced since 1978. Classically-made Vazisubani wines are a light straw-yellow in colour, half-bodied with aromas of flowers and vegetation.