Georgia Cradle of Wine

Georgia Cradle of Wine

In 2017,  Georgia was chosen to be the First Guest wine region by Bordeaux’s Cité du Vin to open the series of exhibitions of wine-making and viticulture.

From 31 July to 5 November 2017, La Cité du Vin presented it’s very first ‘Guest Wine Region’ temporary exhibition, visitors had an opportunity to discover an ancient culture that forms the roots of modern winegrowing and winemaking.

The exhibition showcased 125 archaeological and ethnographical exhibits, works of art as well as period photographs, numerous events attached to the exhibition punctuated life at La Cité du Vin throughout the exhibition period: a concert, a film, a festive event, conferences, as well as Georgian wine-tasting and grape variety discovery workshops.

The exhibition was supported by various international recognized scientific experts:

  • Patrick MCGOVERN, University of Pennsylvanie, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
  • Thomas P. GILBERT et Nathan WALES, University of Copenhagen
  • Stephen BATIUK, University of Toronto, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
  • Roberto BACILIERI, INRA-CIRAD, Sup Agro UMR AGAP Montpellier
  • Laurent BOUBY, Institute of Evolutionary Sciences of the University of Montpellier
  • Osvaldo FAILLA, University of Milano
  • Tina KEZELI, Georgian Wine Association
  • David MAGHRADZE, National Wine Agency